How to win at online slot machines?

The main purpose of this text is for you to learn how to win at online slot machines. We will also give you tips and tricks to win in fruit slot machines. We will detail which are the most played slots in Peru and the online Casinos where you can find them, as well as how to take advantage of the bonuses to get free spins and free money.


Slot machines are machines that in exchange for an amount of money wagered give a time or turn of play to win a prize. Normally they have always been in establishments such as bars but in the last few years they have been extended to online gambling. Practically all online casinos have a type of slot machines. The two companies that have the largest variety of slot games to win money in their Casino are Betsson and Mr green. The machines have a stipulated percentage of prize for the player, so it also depends on the number of spins of the day. In special cases, they have a jackpot of high amounts that accumulate throughout the day, where we will have to be lucky to win it. This is the first thing we must know in order to know how to win in Casino slot machines.



In any online Casino web page we will be able to find practically all the offer of slots that it offers. We offer you some options to win in the slots. In the case of Betsson, we can classify all the slots by different filters such as novelties or the most popular ones. In the latter case, the games most played by the users registered in the Casino will be sorted first. The most popular slot is Starbust, a futuristic slot that features figures such as triangles or squares in bright colors.

The second most played slot machine is Extra Chilli, which sets the game in a city where the main product is this food, the chips to play with are jalapenos and some letters of the alphabet such as Q, K and J. The third in the list is Bonanza, where we will play in a cave and the objective is to find precious stones such as sapphires, emeralds or rubies. The fourth most popular slot machine in Peru is Halloween Fortune, set in the Day of the Dead where we will have to collect as many witches as possible, these will be accompanied by objects such as skulls, potions or enchanted medallions. Finally, the fifth most played slot machine is the one related to the Jumanji movie, where we will have to collect letters A and J or animals such as rhinoceroses, crocodiles or lions with an adventurous style.


It is very important to know some technical aspects of slot machines if we want to win money in them. You may have read Return to player but you may not have bothered to look up what it really means, it is very important because it will indicate whether we can succeed or not in an online slot machine. The return to player indicates the winning chances that we have of winning money in a slot machine, all Casinos are obliged to stipulate it in their games so that the gaming experience of the users is fair. It will be much better understood if we explain it with an example.

If we deposit $100 in Mr green’s Casino and we start playing in a slot machine for 1 hour. After that hour, we finish our gaming session with $200 in our account, this means that the return to player on that slot has been 200%. The calculation of the theoretical payout of a slot machine is done by taking into account the game balances of the people who have played that slot machine. This statistic is totally unpredictable since it changes constantly, normally the value will always stabilize between 92% and 98%. We do not have to take into account the general return to player since each player will have a different one according to his experience in each slot.



As mentioned above, each player will have his own probability of winning in slots. Some players will win money and others will lose money, the number of players also influences a lot as it can condition the return to player. It is very important to know this concept to know how to win in Casino slot machines. In online slot machines usually the return to player will stabilize between 92% and 98%, so it indicates that there is a great number of players that do not win money during their game session.