Roulette Strategy – How to Win at Roulette in aams Online Casinos

This page provides information about Roulette Online strategy. If you have come this far it means that this fun Casino game with the spinning golden wheel has definitely piqued your interest. By learning some strategies for Roulette you will soon realize that although the game is entirely based on luck, there is always an advantage for those who do not play just by trusting in Lady Luck.

Why do we say this? As with any game of chance, the more you analyze the risk factors, the odds of winning, the variability of outcomes, the moves or techniques of other players, and the (almost always forced) actions of the dealer, the better you are able to manage a game while minimizing your losses.

Why play with Strategy in Online Roulette.

In a way, one can compare a game at the Casino tables to a walk outside. If we set out in a short-sleeved T-shirt, heedless of the weather, we are likely to find ourselves at the mercy of events during our outing.

In case it gets rainy, we will not know how to shelter ourselves from the rain, wind, and cold. On the other hand, if we stop to check the weather forecast by putting an umbrella, a jacket and a drink in our backpack we will be able to enjoy the outing by any means possible despite the unforeseen events that may occur regardless of our choices.

That is why it is right to see the game of Roulette (like all others) from all its angles so that once you analyze the characteristics, you are able to gain more determination and can play with greater awareness.

Strategies for winning at Roulette

Strategies for winning at Roulette

Our team of game lovers has already tested a great deal of the strategies for Roulette found Online. Certainly we have done this for our own personal enjoyment and interest. At the same time, however, this experience comes in really handy for us to be able to recommend in turn the best winning strategies at Roulette . So let’s see what are the first steps to take to play Roulette Online.

Define the Budget

For the reason just mentioned, it is most important, as a first step, to determine a budget before you start playing. We will never tire of saying that everything has its value. If you are fond of Roulette you will invest a higher sum than in a game that is less attractive to you.

Once you define that sum you will know that that is the upper limit beyond which you will not be willing to lose. This way you will not be able to be disappointed if you lose and you will remember the game without negative feelings. Conversely, without defining a budget, you will realize that if you were to lose, the price you had to pay will have been too high for the fun you were expecting.

Roulette strategy: master your instincts and play smart.

We know that Roulette is a game based on luck, that everything depends on where the ball thrown on the wheel will stop and that the outcome is completely random. This means that the ball will stop on any number on the wheel and that you will likely win as much as lose right from the first few spins. 

For this reason, the strategy we are about to recommend is applied by thinking over the long term.

Many players, when they win in the first round, immediately begin to increase their stakes. Instead of increasing the stakes you should learn how to master your instincts and emotions. Therefore, try to keep a cool head and use this method:

  • Move 1 – Bet on a dozen (12 numbers at the same time), for example from 1 to 12 or 25 to 36 as is explained on the Roulette Systems page.
  • Move 2 – Bet the minimum allowed. If you win proceed to move 3, if you lose but want to bet again it is better to bet the same initial amount without raising the ante.
  • Move 3 – After the winning move, the next bet should focus on a new dozen numbers, again keeping the bet low. Dozens pay 3 to 1; the budget you play with at this point is positive.

To double or not to double

Many sites recommend doubling the stake if you lose, in our experience doubling is a risky choice and consequently we recommend playing with low numbers and doubling the stake only following large wins that allow you not to go negative.

In our experience the chances of winning with this method are 9 out of 10. Obviously dealing with games of chance and luck it is not possible to guarantee winning but it will certainly be easier to manage the gambling budget. By playing carefully, without any headshots, you could end the session with about 30 to 100 euros in profit.

Try the Free Roulette Version

Try the Free Roulette Version

As always, we recommend playing the free versions of each game before betting with real money. It is always good to try as many Online Roulette versions as are available only at one of the best secure Online Casinos. You will then be able to keep track of your bets and get an idea of the randomness of the outcomes.

When you feel confident, but especially when you understand which method of play is right for you, it will be better to try to win by betting real money.

Playing Roulette Online with Bonus

Another way to play roulette online intelligently, especially if you are a novice, is to use the best bonuses offered by casinos. Bonuses are free credits that allow the player to try online roulette without spending any money in his or her gambling account.

For new players, it can be especially useful to take advantage of the no-deposit bonus, a promotion reserved for those who sign up for the first time at a certain virtual casino. Again, this is a virtual credit, and no real money can be redeemed unless the amount obtained is first played a certain number of times. Sometimes this number can be x40, so we recommend using the bonus just for fun and to learn the rules of the versions of roulette you are interested in.

Bonuses allow you to have fun at the online casino and try all versions of roulette for free (apart from live versions) with a chance of winning real money if Lady Luck is on our side.

Trust only aams online casinos

Gambling involves both good personal skill and a large dose of luck. Don’t be fooled by sites that promise constant winnings, nor by sites that offer foolproof methods so you can win easily. The only reliable sites where you can play for real money are those regulated by the regulations of your jurisdiction.

Playing at legal sites means playing with products created by only the best game producers in the world. It is thanks to these enthusiastic and experienced teams that the sites can guarantee such a high quality of play. It is only at these sites that we are guaranteed that the results generator is not rigged in any way.

So other very important strategy to play and win genuinely is to choose only licensed Online Casinos. The fun will certainly be assured.