Online Blackjack Strategies – Rules and Strategies for Playing Real Money

Blackjack is undoubtedly one of the favorite card games for all Online Casino fans. It can be said that by choosing to play Online you can find many variants of the game, as with regard to Land Casino. Therefore, for each variant it is possible to apply different Blackjack strategies.

This page provides information about online blackjack and the best strategies to apply to this game.

Blackjack Rules and Strategies

The game of blackjack originated in the 1700s, at the time in France it was called Vingt-et-Un and was one of the most beloved games in the court of the Sun King. It is one of the most beloved card games ever because luck and intelligence are required in equal measure to win. It is no accident that it is regarded in the casino as the game of men of action.

Throughout the centuries, dozens of tactics and strategies have been devised to win at blackjack, the most famous of all being card counting, put into practice in Lad Vegas by the legendary MIT team. Remember, however, that luck always plays a major role in this game, and there is no one strategy to win every game with confidence.

What we recommend, even before we start talking about strategies, is to know the rules of blackjack as well as possible.Anyone who has ever tried the game knows that the rules are very simple, but online there are a variety of variations of the basic game. Therefore, it is necessary to know the rules perfectly before starting to play. After making sure you know the game perfectly you can start thinking about the most efficient strategy to increase your chances of winning.

Blackjack Online RNG vs Blackjack Live

Let’s begin, however, by making a premise. The most striking difference between the game of Online Blackjack and the one found in land-based casinos is that in the Online version against the computer, the decks of cards are shuffled every round. This system therefore does not allow for card counting, a strategy that is advantageous but quite difficult for even the most experienced players to apply.

This is one among the Blackjack strategies, which was thought to be limited to play in land-based Casinos, has become feasible, however, thanks to the game of Live Blackjack, that is, the live game that is offered by the best Online Casinos on the market.

In this type of card game, the player sits virtually at a table where the croupier is a live person who deals the cards as is the case in land-based Casinos. The timing of the game in this case is the same as in land-based Casino and the player’s choices are therefore immediate and require quick reasoning.

Why in the game of Online Blackjack is it not possible to count cards?

Online Blackjack

The reason is simple considering that the Online game allows the player to reason about each move with very long time frames. You take your time before clicking on the HIT or STAND choice. In addition, it is possible to note down everything that happens during the game.

By shuffling the cards at each turn the Online Casino therefore makes sure that the game is played fairly on both sides. In the Live version, which is so dynamic and immediate, those who can count cards are those who would be able to count them in land-based Casinos as well, limiting the use of this type of strategy to only the most capable.

Therefore, if one chooses to play software-operated Online Blackjack, one should not expect to find the solution in counting because in this case it is not possible to apply such tactics. However, this does not mean that you cannot apply some other Blackjack strategies to improve your playing tactics with time.

The first piece of advice in our fundamental opinion that could summarize the fairest, and even most sensible, strategy to apply is to select the right Blackjack variant to play, perhaps choosing the one with low dealer winning margins. Some of these variants of the game include Classic Blackjack, Switch Blackjack, Standard Blackjack, Hot Streak Blackjack.

Strategies for Online Blackjack

So if the first important step in setting up a Blackjack strategy is to choose the variant considering the edge for the dealer, it is also true that it is not sufficient rule. In fact, there are so many techniques, strategies, tips, and methods you can take advantage of when playing by trying your luck.

To choose the right move we always recommend applying the basic Blackjack strategy But let’s see some useful tips that can be applied as strategies to improve the odds of winning.


Blackjack wants the player to make 2 choices: call or stand, the maximum score over which he gets high is 21. When the two cards received give a total of 16, many players prefer to stand while the best choice would be to call again. Let’s take an example: the player gets 16 and stays. If the dealer has a 7, an Ace or a figure at this point the player loses. If, on the other hand, the player possesses a 17 it is okay to stay.


When playing in land-based Casinos or Live Casinos this strategy works. However, one must be a mathematical mind since it is not possible to keep written records at the table. When playing Online, as we said, this technique is impossible. Most of the time Online Casinos use 6 decks shuffled on each hand, so they do not make card counting possible.


Legal and safe Online Casinos offer their players the opportunity to play for free and without any obligation to deposit money. This possibility offered by the Casinos serves to familiarize oneself with the game, to choose the most interesting variant and to give the player the opportunity to bet only and exclusively when one feels ready. Of all, this is the best playing strategy when approaching Online Blackjack.



Taking advantage of bonuses from secure Online Casinos that allow them to be used on the game of Blackjack is also a very useful strategy that helps one become familiar with the rules of the game. Therefore, one should not underestimate the promotional component of the best Online Casinos that plays a key role. The more a bonus can be used on one’s favorite game, the more suitable the site itself turns out to be for one’s needs.

Normally Welcome Bonuses have limits on their use and so it is good to check their terms, but subsequent bonuses generally can be played on a great many Table and Live games, so Blackjack fully falls into the category of games that allow the use of bonuses.


Although this may seem like grandma’s practical advice it is really useful advice in order to evaluate the hand or game being played. If you are playing together with other players, it is useful to sit last so that you can see the other players’ cards and study their moves.


Setting the budget is a fundamental practice that should be applied in any context that requires the use of money. Even more so, when gambling, it is necessary to set a ceiling beyond which we are no longer willing to lose. That limit should be set by deciding what amount of money, if lost, will affect our enjoyment of the game.

If we know that we like Slots less than Blackjack we will attach less value to the play. We will be willing to spend, for example, no more than 5 euros on Slot Machines, no more than 10 euros on Blackjack because if we were to lose it we will still have had a fair amount of fun.

Best strategy: Playing responsibly

As with all games based on luck where a deposit and thus use of money is required, the best advice we can give is always to play at the best secure site that suits us in every respect. This is why we only offer Online Casino sites certified by our jurisdiction, which follow all legal protocols and regulations and protect us from any fraud attempts.

Playing within the law is the only way to play safely. By choosing one or more of the sites listed in our reviews you will be free to try the best and most current games available Online, either by depositing money or playing with the best bonuses. Practicing safely is the best way to learn how to win at Online Blackjack.